Vegetable Bag Scheme

The scheme described below is for collection from the shop only. We now also offer a home delivery service.

  vegboxsummer2How it works – Order a bag/s from the choices below. You can pay and order in advance, using the order form available at the till.

£5 Vegetable Bag
£9 Vegetable Bag
£5 Fruit bag
£8 Fruit bag

Collect your bag/s any time after 12pm on Thursday
from Sound Bites.

What’s in a bag?
£5 veg bags and £5 Fruit bags are suitable for one or two people
£9 veg bags and £8 Fruit bags are suitable for a family or those who eat a lot of fruit & veg!

Vegetable bags always include potatoes, onions and carrots. In addition the bag will include some greens, some other roots in the winter, and a selection of the best produce that will change every week with the seasons.

Fruit bags usually have bananas, apples, sometimes pears, some citrus fruit, some exotic fruit (Kiwis/ mango/grapes/ figs etc) or soft fruit depending on the season.

salogoWhere does the produce come from?
Where possible we try to use local organic veg and fruit.  In addition we sometimes include local produce labelled as naturally grown, which is not part of an organic certification scheme.

Much of our produce is from Eden Farm in Lincolnshire, topped up with produce from Pauls organic wholesalers in Melton Mowbray.

By supporting our box scheme you will help to create more predictable demand for organic produce which enables us to plan with local growers to increase their production.