Our Policy

  • Sound Bites will be a Worker’s Co-op with open membership.
    We may employ casual staff who will not be co-op members, but all permanent staff will be co-op members. (New members will work a 6 month probationary period before becoming co-op members.)Staff will not get bonuses, but will be entitled to discount off purchases from the shop. Co-op members will get a discount of 20% and casual staff will get a discount of 20% on purchases bought on a day they have worked.
  • Sound Bites will actively work for positive social change.
    As an ethical food business, we may be involved in various boycotts and campaigns. Our position on each will be decided case by case. We will continually check that suppliers and products still meet with our ethical criteria. As far as possible, we will not trade with companies involved in environmentally damaging or socially irresponsible practices or in animal exploitation.We will provide information boards which local campaigning groups can use to publicise their events and campaigns. All notices brought in for the information boards will be put up at the discretion of members in the shop on the day the notice is brought in. Other members may subsequently object, in which case the notice will be taken to a members meeting. We will only sell or display publications approved at a members meeting and in line with our principles. Applications to use the meeting room will be approved by members at a meeting.
  • Sound Bites will increase the accessibility of ethically sourced food and goods in Derby.
    We want to be a catalyst for increased consumer support of socially and environmentally responsible producers and distributors.The shop will make it easier for people to access foods, which are one or more of the following:

    1. Organic
    2. Fairly Traded
    3. Cruelty Free
    4. Locally Produced
    5. Low in Packaging
  • Sound Bites will sell healthy wholesome food, namely:
    1. Non GM
    2. Organic wherever possible.
    3. Low in added sugar salt and fats.
    4. Minimum processing / refinement.
    5. No unnecessary additives.

    All alcoholic drinks will be organic. We will not sell spirits.

    Sugar – We recognize that refined sugar (sucrose) is nutritionally dangerous and can be environmentally damaging. Where clear alternatives exist we will stock products which do not contain sucrose: for example we will stock sucrose free baked beans and fruit spreads. We will stock products containing sucrose where no alternative exists (eg fair trade chocolate) Products containing sucrose will be clearly labeled, so customers can assume that products not so labeled do not contain sucrose.

  • Sound Bites is an equal opportunities organization.
    Racism, sexism, homophobia or any other prejudices will not be tolerated in the premises, or by members of staff while representing the project elsewhere.
  • Sound Bites will be vegan.
    This means that we will not sell any animal products, or goods which contain animal products. Nor will we stock toiletries and cleaning products, which have been tested on animals.
  • Sound Bites will only sell fresh produce which is certified organic or in conversion. Exceptions may only be made to support local producers, who may not be certified but do use ecologically sound methods. All other food items will also as much as possible be organic, local or fair trade.
  • We will not accept or apply for funding from sources where the company / funder is involved in unethical activities. Nor will we bank with financial institutions which are involved in unethical activities.
    Unethical activities would include work which is environmentally damaging, involves animal exploitation or is socially irresponsible (both in this country and abroad). Additional criteria could be added at the discretion of co-op members.
  • We will sell non food items which act as environmentally sound alternatives.
    Examples include, rechargeable batteries, eco cleaning products, washable nappies.
  • Sound Bites will actively try to reduce the waste of resources and use energy efficient methods.
    We will not give away plastic carrier bags unless these are reused or recycled. We will not own or routinely use a vehicle running on fossil fuels. We will choose low impact options wherever possible in all our operations.We will use the minimum of packaging possible. We will use only packaging that is recycled, recyclable or biodegradable. We will encourage reuse options. We will recycle packaging received from suppliers.We will stock as wide a range as possible of seasonal, locally produced fresh produce. We recognize the need to ensure that a wide range of fresh produce is available all year round. Food miles will be an important consideration in all stocking decisions.Alcoholic drinks will be of European origin, except where fair trade organic wines are available. Alcoholic drinks will be sold in glass bottles only.
  • To make changes to this Policy Document, all members must be made aware that a proposal to make a change has been made. Proposals should be submitted to a co-op meeting to then be discussed at the following co-op meeting. The procedures set out in the consensus decision making chart in the members folder, should be used in reaching any decision with regard to policy change