Sound Bites is committed to reducing waste. Here are some of the things we do to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Aluminium  Aluminium is extracted in open pits and huge areas of rain forest have been destroyed to mine it. It is one of the most energetically costly materials to preduce, yet to easy and energy efficient to recycle. The local council provide no residential or commercial recycling facilities, so we suggest it going directly to the council house to be left in their dilligent care.

Biodegradable Packaging Sound Bites packs down the majority of the wholefoods we sell as well as some of our cakes, flapjacks and pasties. We use biodegradable cellophane packaging for this. We also use paper pots for the salads sold at the deli counter and for our soup, and the folks and spoons are made from plant cellulose!

Cardboard The bulk of the waste that Sound Bites generates is cardboard (approximately 4 times the quantity of general waste). Some boxes are reused for our home delivery scheme, and what we can’t reuse is kindly taken for a local allotment project for composting and for laying on pathways or crop rotation disused areas.

Plastic Bags We have never bought new plastic bags to give away in the shop. We encourage customers to bring their own shopping bag from home. But if you forget, there are several options for sale: sturdy paper bags for 20p, or beautiful colourful jute bags for £3. Shortly the supermarkets will all be charging for their plastic bags too, so the best bet will always be a back pack 🙂

Refill Scheme Sound Bites has always refilled some bottles of household cleaning products as a matter of principle. From July 2011 we have taken a big step forward by deciding to sell solely refilled  Bio-D laundry liquid and fabric softener bottles (we also refill washing up liquid)– buying in returnable 25litre drums rather than lots of 1 litres. It’s cheaper for all of us; it saves lots of packaging, and it requires less transport (fewer “cleaning miles”). You will now find all products on the shelves in the household section of the shop. The refilled washing up liquid however is kept under the till, as we were not getting enough bottles returned. They are all biodegradable, free from animal products and are not tested on animals.

Please help us by returning empty bottles (washing-up liquid, laundry liquid, fabric conditioner and multi-surface cleaner).

Further Information You may be interested to know that there is a brown bin at Raynesway for battery recycling and you can take aluminium foil there too!