Our Ethos

Links We’d like to direct you to the websites of some of the organisations who have supported us, some of Derby’s campaigning groups, and sites of groups that will probably be of interest to friends of Sound Bites. We can not take responsibility for the content of other organisations websites. Have a look.

Policy Document Sound Bites’ main guiding principles, and the policies we have put in place to help us stick to them are available to view here. We know that we have a little way to go!

TimProduct Research We do our best to check that the products we sell are as ethical as possible. By checking the sources of the ingredients in those products we are trying to take responsibility for the ethics of the food we sell further up the supply chain. This is an ongoing task. Find out more here about the product research we have conducted so far.

Reuse / Recycling Ranging from our washing up liquid refill scheme to printer cartridge recycling, Sound Bites is proactive about re-use and recycling of  as many resources as possible. Find out more here.

Support Sound Bites We think Sound Bites is an innovative project with lots of scope for exciting developments. If you’d like to help us grow (or even just survive in this world of big shopping centres) find out more about ways you can support us.