Order Favourites

What are Order Favourites?
Order Favourites are items that you have ordered before and may want to order again.

How are they chosen?
You don't 'choose' Order Favourites you accumulate them from the orders you have placed before as they are automatically created.

Why can't I see my favourites?
Favourites are personal to you so can only be shown to you when you have logged in.

How do I use my favourites?
If you click on the item description in the Favourites list it will display the item in the centre screen so you can choose the quantity to order and then add it to your shopping basket.

Why has an item I ordered disappeared from my favourites list?
This is because we are trying to help you see what you may want to order so once ordered we stop displaying the item until you next may want to order it - so you can 'see the wood for the trees'.

How can I stop an item from being a favourite?
Beside each item is a red cross. If you click that it will remove the item from your favourites. If you remove one accidentally then don't worry because next time you order it it will reappear.

Why why do I get "Sorry, the product was not found." when I click an item?
This is because it is no longer available. You can use it as reminder and you can see above the message the category in which it was. If you click on the last category on the row you will then see our similar products for you to choose from.
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